Photograph your toilet!

To celebrate the launch of our blog and our arrival on Twitter, we’d like to invite you to get involved in our toilet research! Have you seen a toilet which you’ve found interesting, frustrating, surprising or funny? If there’s a toilet you’d like to share with us then please join us on Twitter using #cctoilettalk and share a photo or a story of your encounter. We’re particularly interested in hearing about or seeing toilet encounters which concern issues of inclusion/exclusion, access and identity. Get involved!

If you’d like to get involved but you don’t have Twitter then feel free to share a short story in the comments of our blog – just click the grey speech bubble above.

Please note: The nature of Twitter and social media means that we have no control over the Tweets that are sent. We expect lots of the pictures taken will be of toilet signs, buildings and so on. However, when you are taking pictures, please be respectful and mindful of others who may be using the facility, and do not include pictures of people unless you have their direct permission.

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