Toilet Activism Postcards

Action for Trans* Health, one of the community groups collaborating with us on the Around the Toilet project, are offering you the opportunity to get your hands on some amazing postcards for all your toilet-campaigning needs. As well as making use of them for campaign material, you could also use the postcards as teaching resources, wall decorations or notes for your friends – their uses are limitless! Although toilet activism is especially encouraged!

We produced the cards using the excellent illustrations that Smizz, our graphic artist, sketched at one of our workshops. In exchange for these postcards, Action for Trans* Health are asking for donations. They’re a great organization doing lots of really important work, including providing cash grants to facilitate trans* and intersex individuals’ access to healthcare. Please consider sending some money their way.

Click here for more ideas of how you can use the postcards and details of how you can make your order now! Don’t delay…

Toilet revolution

[Image: One of the postcards available. An image of the planet Earth with a toilet above it, which says ‘THE TOILET REVOLUTION!’]

– Written by Charlotte Jones, Research Assistant on the Around the Toilet project


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