Toilet Installation – Public Presentation this Friday!

If you’re based in Sheffield and fancy a sneak peek of our toilet installation then join us this Friday 6th November at 4pm at Moor Theatre Delicatessen. Masters students in the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, have spent the last six weeks designing and creating the installation as part of the Live Projects initiative, using a toilet brief we outlined based on the findings of the Around the Toilet research.

Since May this year, the Around the Toilet project has been exploring toilet politics through interactive workshops, discussion sessions, and speaker events. We asked our Live Projects team to produce a durable creation of some kind; something which will ideally be used in the future by queer, trans and disabled people to campaign around issues of toilets and access. After this Friday, the toilet installation will have its official unveiling on Friday 27th November at our final public event, Re-Imagining Toilets: Adventures into the Design of the Public Loo at Z-arts in Manchester. More information about the final event (including registration and accessibility) can be found here.

Everyone is welcome to join us at the Master students’ public presentation this Friday at 4pm!

(Access info: The venue for the event this Friday, Moor Theatre Delicatessen, is in central Sheffield. It has three short steps at the entrance and a temporary ramp. The event will be held on the ground floor level. There are gender netural and accessible toilets. A photo of the venue is below.)

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