Please make use of our toilet resources!

We’ve created a new section on our website to collate the Around the Toilet materials we’d like to share with you all – please make use of it and feel free to share it with your colleagues/communities. The ‘Materials‘ page will be regularly updated with new resources as they become available.

There are a range of ways we think these resources might be useful to others, such as: university teaching/lecturing, teaching in schools, activist/political campaigning, research, design and workshops. We hope you may have other ideas too!

The materials we’ve produced focus on toilet use and access in a range of ways, but may also be of use in exploring issues beyond the toilet. Some of the themes of our work include (in)accessibility, discrimination against queer and trans people, disability, ableism, religion, gender, sexuality, bodies, parenting, workers’ rights, architecture and design, schools, and toilet ‘training’.

If you do make use of our materials (or if you already have!), we would really appreciate your feedback and a bit of information about how the materials are used. There’s a short form on the Materials page for you to get in touch. We hope the materials will be useful to you and encourage some interesting and important conversations!


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