Places you can read Lift the Lid zine!

Back in January we launched our zine, Lift the Lid – a collection of stories, artwork and musings about toilets and accessibility. As well as reading the zine online, we’ve been posting out hard copies to various organisations and individuals and had some lovely feedback!

Although stocks are definitely running low, we still have some zines left. We’re really keen to get these to places where multiple people can read them – we’re thinking coffee shops and cafes, libraries, hairdressers, doctors waiting rooms, student’s unions and other places where you might pick up some reading material or need something to pass the time! If you know of places that might be interested in having one, they can be requested using this online form (we’re also open to requests from individuals – but please pass it on if you’re finished with it, rather than chuck it in the recycling!)

In the meantime, here are a list of places that you can already read the zine:

Also soon to be available at:


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