Have you used our Around the Toilet resources? Let us know!

Over the course of the Around the Toilet project, we have produced a range of materials which explore themes relating to the toilet. These materials have covered (in)accessibility, discrimination against queer, trans and disabled people, ableism, religion, gender, sexuality, bodies, parenting, workers’ rights, architecture and design, schools, and toilet ‘training’. 

Throughout the project, we have been keen to support others in using our work, including the materials and resources that we’ve produced. We now want to know if and how you may have used them! For example: 

  1. Have you used Around the Toilet findings, resources or materials?

  • You may have hosted a screening of our film in your community, school or workplace, or passed a copy of the zine onto your local library. 

  • You might be an architect who has used the ‘toilet toolkit’ to get colleagues or students thinking more about toilet design. 

  • You may have used our film or report to get colleagues or students thinking more critically about toilet accessibility and design. 

2. Has Around the Toilet helped you to make changes to toilets (or persuaded others to do so)? 

  • Our report may have helped you to persuade your university to build more accessible toilets or to make small changes to your current toilets.

  • You might be responsible for creating Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and have used our project in your work.

3. Has Around the Toilet influenced the way that you think about toilets and toilet design? 

  • Perhaps you have thought about some aspects of toilet access before, but the project has introduced you to something new. For instance, you might have already been involved in disability activism for more accessible toilets, but never considered trans people’s toilet access before. 

  • You might have never considered toilet accessibility until you came across the toilet project.   

The above are only examples, there may be other ways that you’ve used the project, and we’re keen to hear all of them (however small they seem). If this is you, we’d be really grateful to learn more about it.

Please let us know by completing our short form below. 



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