Designing Toilets

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 22.39.08The Toilet Design Toolkit is a digital tool designed to support architects, designers, academics and students to critically and creatively rethink notions of access in relation to the toilet design process.

The digital toolkit has been developed in response to the stories of people involved in the Around the Toilet project for whom accessing a safe and comfortable toilet space is a continual challenge.

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Toilets are the barometer of contemporary architectural design. They reveal the underlying approach and values of architects, clients and developers; reflecting how building users are considered, accommodated and treated. Poorly designed toilets can alienate whole groups of people; undermine and intimidate, affect self-esteem and form physical and social barriers. Conversely, well-designed toilets can liberate, welcome, enable and enhance people’s lives.

It is time to rethink our inadequate and outmoded approach to the design of toilets. In order to encourage and empower practitioners and students, the Toilet Design Toolkit has been launched.

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The toolkit a range of resources that enable people to engage with toilet design at varying levels of detail and intensity; from alternative CAD toilet templates, to practice exemplars and pedagogical examples. The toilet design toolkit aims to support more informed decision making and creative approaches to toilet design. Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 22.38.21

The toolkit was developed in conjunction with Live Works, The University of Sheffield School of Architecture’s ‘Urban Room’.

The Toilet Design Toolkit is openly accessible to all at: