Toilet Tales

Travelling Toilet Tales – Film [Text]

A short film about the ways in which everyday journeys are planned around the availability of a suitable toilet, featuring stories from a range of toilet users, including women truck drivers, disabled parents, and non-binary people. Illustrations by Sarah Smizz.

Travelling Toilet Tales – Soundscape [Text]

A short soundscape produced by Gemma Nash, Drake Music, using the recordings taken during our Travelling Toilet Tales project.

Individual Stories

Edited audio recordings of the accounts from our storytellers are also available:

The perspectives of two parents of disabled children who campaign for Changing Places toilets [Text]

Experiences of cleaning toilets [Text]

Campaigning for more public toilets as a person with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) [Text]

The toilet experiences of a non-binary person [Text]

Stories of parenting, toilets and travelling [Text]

The toilet experiences of a disabled Muslim woman [Text]

Looking for a toilet during a trip to the zoo [Text]

Finding a toilet as a woman lorry driver [Text]