Making Space for Intimate Citizenship – Presenting findings from the project so far

Next week Jenny Slater (Jen) will be travelling to Toronto to take part in three days of workshops called, Making Space for Intimate Citizenship. You can find out more about the workshops, here, including a great easy read summary, and loads of other great resources. You can also follow what’s going on using #makingspace

Jen will be presenting some of the findings so far from the Around the Toilet project. She has 2 minutes to present, and for the rest of the time she will be learning from other academics (who also have 2 minutes )to present!), and workshops run by people with labels of learning difficulty. Jen is going to use some of the Tweets from the project so far to do her 2 minute talk.

You can see a (not yet short enough!) version of Jen’s talk here, which was made using Storify. Feel free to share it about!

Jen will report back from the workshops on her return!

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